Dress Up December


December is her month. I love December and all it’s family gatherings, food and presents. But I can tell you this: December is the most inconvenient month to deliver a baby.

In short: we have two* Christmas like events and a little girl’s birthday in less than a month. All of which involves family. And I grew up in a family that knows how to value presents (if you know what I mean). Including me, but this three week gift marathon is let’s say intense.

I’ll have to save all my pinning on Pinterest for those three weeks. So I thought about fun ways to limit the chance of a (junk) present overkill. A detailed wish list is handy, but also a little control freaky if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, I do it every year, but I like the idea that people use their own creativity (and budget).


That’s why I came up with the idea to set up a theme in which people can be a part of something bigger. 2014 will be Dress Up December. Something she’s very passionate about. We’re making her a box or a closet and ask our families to make or buy her something to put in there.

dress up december collage

Seriously, i’m extremely excited about this project. I mean that pineapple! It itches to start with some of the diy ideas i saw on Pinterest. And if it works, I could hypothetically use it to challenge my dear three left handed companion later on…


PS 1. Do you have any dress up ideas, make or buy? Please share them with me, because there are THREE events remember?

PS 2. Maybe I’ll just dig up my wish list login later this week.

*If you’re not Dutch, you probably don’t know Sinterklaas, a white bearded santa-like man in a red playsuit and his black painted delivery boys. On the 5th of December they have the hardest job in the world running over the rooftops and bringing all the kids bags filled with  presents, without anybody catching them. All kids try though, but fail, yet it wouldn’t cross their minds that the grown-ups they trust are screwing with them and have fun doing it. David Sedaris wrote a funny essay about it.

All photo’s from Pinterest and the squared ones can be found here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |


  1. Karlijn November 24, 2014

    Wat een tof idee! Ik verkleedde me vroeger altijd heel graag en mijn moeder heeft heel wat jurken en indianen pakjes voor mijn zusje en mij gemaakt. Bij een kast is het misschien leuk om er een soort gordijnachtig iets te maken waar ze vandaan kan komen als ze verkleed is (beetje vaag beschreven). Pin ze!

  2. Rosa November 24, 2014

    Ikea verkoopt elfenvleugels. Wit en roze. Is meteen een outfit(je). En maar 5 euro (ik werk niet bij of voor Ikea :) ) !

    • Vie November 25, 2014

      Thanks Rosa! Ik ga kijken :)

  3. Anouk van Helmond November 25, 2014

    Suuuper tof idee. Daar gaat ze je niet alleen nu, maar ook later nog heel dankbaar voor zijn! #makingmemories

  4. Esther (BettyW) November 26, 2014

    Op Pinterest zijn er ook veel DIY tutu tutorials (zeg die laatste 2 heel vaak achter elkaar hahaha), waarbij je bv pompoms in de tutu verwerkt.
    Als je nou knalgele tule kan vinden en er zelf met zwart garen V-tjes op borduurt heb je een ananas tutu! Succes!

    • Vie November 26, 2014

      O leuk! Ananassen zijn goed he? Dank voor de tip.

  5. Rosie November 26, 2014

    December babies = craziness!!! Otis is the 27th December, so the influx of presents is ridiculous! I need to do a clean out now!!!

    • Vie November 27, 2014

      Wow the 27th is worse… but it’s just the way it is right? Hyperactive-kids-month ;)


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