Gift season part 1 | the baby girl

Gift season. I’m not the most organised person. Losing overview like some people lose farts. So I make lists. Lots of them. I even tried to follow some wise people in the want-need-wear-read rule to make it all more simple. It helped. A bit. So I tried not to be too uptight about it. Because rules make me uptight. And because I like my visuals and I’ve been a little blog-absent lately I’ll share some of my not sponsored favourites. The baby edition (read more for credits and links).


1. Grimms pastel rainbow (I found it at my not online friends from Big en Belg)
2. My Moumout bathrobe
3. La Petite V pacifier holder
4. Petitcollin Anibabies doll (found here)
5. Oeuf Bambi hat
6. MrStarsky print (how the stars looked like the moment she was born)

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