Guilty pleasures @finchandagnes

Guilty pleasures @finchandagnes

Learn more about Bregje (@finchandagnes):

Guilty pleasures @finchandagnes

Tell us a little more about yourself:
Mom of three little boys and owner of kids clothing label Finch + Agnes, living in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Daily breakfast:
yoghurt with cruesli (I know: lots of sugar) and kiwi

Favourite tv show:
on Dutch television: ‘Wie is de mol’, makes my Thursday every winter
Favourite tv series ever: ‘The Wire’ (we even got our youngest son’s name from it)

Something about yourself that might surprise us:
I married my highschool sweetheart (we met in math class). 19 years and counting!

Who would you like to nominate for the next list:
Lisa Boyce.

I don’t know her ‘personally’, but when a woman creates two little people with more wit than most standup comedians have, she must have some awesome guilty pleasures!

Thxxx for asking me Vie!

Well, thank YOU! We loved having you over and be the one to kick start this chain list with a bang! And Lisa! Do you accept? Please mail us on:

Happy weekend people!

Guilty pleasures @finchandagnes

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