Guilty pleasures @lisamboyce

Guilty pleasures @lisamboyce

Last time Bregje (@finchandagnes) nominated Lisa and we are so happy (and relieved) she accepted!

Learn more about Lisa (@lisamboyce):Guilty pleasures @lisamboyce

Tell us a little more about yourself:
I’m a mother to two (very active) boys living in Toronto, Canada.

Daily Breakfast:

Favourite TV Show:
Grey’s Anatomy (RIP Mc Dreamy!)

Something about yourself that might surprise us:
In high school I probably could’ve been voted, “most likely to never settle down and have kids”. I never planned or imagined myself as a mother. I loved to travel and live for myself, so it never crossed my mind to settle down and have kids. Life has a way of surprising us with things we never would’ve done on our own. I pretty much shocked the world (including myself!) when I announced I was pregnant with Sebastiano. I still get the itch to explore, just that now I have 3 other awesome people to bring along with me :) I really can’t imagine it any other way.

Who would you like to nominate for the next list:

Paulie and I have been following each other on instagram for almost three years now – I’ve watched her transform her life (and body!) and I’m fascinated and inspired by her strength and determination. Having said that, c’mon!!! The woman must have some guilty pleasures 😉.  Spill it, Paulie!

(Or at least that little bun in the oven must have an occasional craving!)

A BIG thank you to also one of our faves! And Paulie…  Do you accept? Pretty, please?

XMVGuilty pleasures @lisamboyce

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