Guilty pleasures @liveloudgirl

Guilty pleasures @liveloudgirl

We are so happy that Linda said yes when we asked her to share her 10 guilty pleasures with us! She wasn’t nominated by Lisa last time, but we completely understand that we are not on her nominee’s priority list (for now…).  So thank you Live Loud “Lifesaver’ Girl!

Get to know Linda (@liveloudgirl) a bit better here:

Guilty pleasures @liveloudgirl

Tell us a little about yourself:
Hi, I’m Linda, the founder of Live Loud Girl.
A Dutchie currently based in Dubai. A place where I finally had the guts to follow my heart and turn my passion into a full time job.

Daily breakfast:
I love to start my day as healthy as possible with some homemade granola or chia seed pudding. Whatever bird food is in my bowl, it is always accompanied with a green juice and a latte.

My guilty pleasure breakfast is a butter croissant with ‘smeerkaas’ (dutch cheese spread that has very little to do with actual cheese). This is our family tradition for the Sunday so there is no chance that I can refuse this cholesterol bomb.

Favorite tv show:
At the moment it is Madmen.
I miss my US Netflix for series here…

Something about yourself that might surprise us:
I’m not a natural blond. Shocker?
And I can’t present or give a speech due to a beautiful and guaranteed combination of sweat, an explosive heart beat and a fire engine red face.
I am not only talking about massive presentations, the same goes for an introduction in a small group. While I’m pretty Loud when I’m comfortable, after 35 years I have given up pretending that I can pull that off in unknown groups.

Who would you like to nominate and why?
I would like to nominate @ruffledsnob. She is a star in these kind of things. And I expect an exceptional funny and interesting list (no pressure dear!).

Guilty pleasures @liveloudgirl

Again, thank you Linda for playing! And good luck this weekend, moving houses. We can’t wait to see how you turn this new place into yet another dream home.

Shaynah, we would love to have you…. Please say yes!


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