Guilty Pleasures @viebonacci

guilty pleasure friday @viebonacci

Here you go M. My list of guilty pleasures. You know how I love this kind of games.

And as said before, we’d love to pull you all into this with us a little. My turn to nominate someone to make a list of 10 guilty pleasures. When this person accepts, she will introduce herself next week and we’ll all find out her craziness.

So (insert thrilling music) I would love love to know more about you:

Bregje, from Finch + Agnes!

Want to play? Please say yes (and I’ll email you the details).

For now, happy weekend to all of you!

XV (and M from NYC of course)

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  1. Bregje June 1, 2015

    Whoa! Hahaha, aan de bak. Kom maar op met die instructies :)


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