Happy birthday Pearls & Swines

happy birthday pearls & swines

No Freaking Selfie Friday today, but the celebration of one of our favourite shops Pearls & Swines. We were there when it al started, when our kids got Marmared for the first photo shoot. We were there when Anne-Britt hit the GO LIVE button on her desktop. We were there when the shop got overloaded by the mad crowd filling their baskets. We were there when the shop got a little overshadowed by a girl named Lolo. We were there when new ideas got to her mind and needed to be feed backed. We were kind of everywhere. Whether she liked it or not.

So today we are there too.

Sweetest Britt, happy happy birthday. Your baby is 1. Yes 1! We are crazy proud of you. We love her as much as you do (maybe a little less, but it doesn’t sound that good). We feel very happy and honoured to have been a little part of your gang last year. And we really want to be in it for the next. For now: dream big and stay who you are, cause you are the shit girl!


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