Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I’m still in the in between time. And I kind of like it here. December is the month you slow down, look back and make plans. Plans you will start on in the new year. Full of adventures and new beginnings. The promise of all those things, makes it alright to just take it slow for a while.

Well, in my head it’s still December!
But I can’t keep out the new year, even if I want too.

I did try to come up with something to share with you the last couple of weeks, but it stayed blanc. Completely. Because what can be interesting about the daily mundane?

Making lunch boxes, school runs, dentist appointments, playgrounds, super markets, runny noses, easy dinners and lots of playing, talking, laughing, mess? Yes, nothing and everything. Because this is life right now, and I don’t even say that with sarcasm. It’s my little life, nothing fancy, maybe even boring to others (and me occasionally), but I’m enjoying most of it! It can’t always be life changing and exciting, that would get boring too in the end.

I’m thinking of making next week my new January. Love that I can take control like that. Can’t hide forever right?

So if you’re looking for me, im planning a New Years party!


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