Hello from the inside

living in a bubble

So it’s my time to explain my lack of posting here. No, I’m not pregnant, did not buy a house, and I’m still ‘just a mom‘.

It has just been a hectic past few months. Actually a hectic complete year to be honest. I’m always going and sometimes my engine breaks and I need to just slow down, regroup and live in my bubble for a short while.

You know that video clip from Roger Sanchez, another chance? The girl holding the big heart? That’s me. I feel. A lot. I don’t always want to, but I do. It makes life exciting, but you also get bruises once in a while.
In a way this blog, that is so important to me, is like putting that big heart out there. It’s liberating to write about certain things, but it also lets people create an opinion about you. I chose to do that. But it makes you vulnerable at times.

And that’s life, and that’s okay. The past year has been amazing on most levels. Even mind blowing if you think of it.

But the last weeks I’ve been creating my bubble again. Small, warm and save.

The bubble will pop, it always does.
Because there’s always another chance.


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