I dream kitchens

kitchen 1 & 2Last week I was away for two days. When I returned to our house and walked in, it hit me: it felt like coming home!

I love our place. It’s spacious, it’s light and it has a perfect garden (with lemons!). So I’m happy living here. But next to the beige carpet there is one more thing I’m dying to part with… The kitchen! That brown, old and dirty kitchen. I swear my fridge is older than me.

I’m no cook. Before babies I was the worst cook ever. The frozen meal section was my best friend and I often ate sandwiches (tosti’s!) for dinner.  I’m still no pro, but I’m not getting nervous anymore when preparing dinner involves more than two pans.

But a girl can dream. Still not really about functionality, I’ve  just outgrown the microwave phase, but all about esthetics. And white, mostly white.

XMimageimageimageimages of these beautiful kitchens can be found here:  1 /  2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7


  1. Lisa November 5, 2014

    The kitchen is the most important part of my house… Which is the maintenance it’s taking so long for us to find a new home!! Also — I never used to cook before either. I know, difficult to believe ;) love these kitchens! We can dream together!

  2. Jaqueline November 11, 2014

    Our kitchen is from the 60s and doesn’t have a dishwasher.. Do i need to say more?
    Yes one more thing. The tiling is mint green. (Almost cool again – almost)
    I’m dreaming of a white kitchen aswell. We’ll move again next year. Maybe my dream will come true…


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