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You know those days when mother and child just can’t get on the same page? Well today is exhibit A of that. She screamed, I screamed louder. She wanted cookies, I wanted wine. I felt like writing a nice blogpost, she didn’t feel like napping.

Well that didn’t happen, so instead of a post I have top level stress hormones juggling around my body. I don’t want that (B neither, he’s hiding in the kitchen as we speak).

walk around the house like a fucking champion

Now ‘m staring at this fantastic quote from Pinterest and hell yeah! I’m going to do as it says (for once in my life). Walk around the house like a mother fucking champion. With wine. Tomorrow will be better.



  1. Yv November 7, 2014

    Zipp it girl! ;)

    • Vie November 7, 2014

      Haha yv! I did :)

      • phyllis nobles November 8, 2014

        hi there vie – i discovered your blog via instagram this week when i couldn’t sleep at 2 a.m. and have been loving spending time here. this story makes me feel so much better about my life – i don’t have small children but i’m working with high school seniors – and they’ve been in love with me and i with them until this week when everybody hated everybody – let’s blame it on the full moon okay – happy weekend :)

        • Vie November 10, 2014

          Thanks for letting me know! It’s so good to hear that people can relate to this feeling, no matter in what situation you are (small kids, school kids etc). Makes us feel less lonely, right? Hope you had a better weekend ;)

  2. Courtney November 7, 2014

    You are awesome! Sometimes we just need a “few words (of kindness)” to pick up the pieces of the day. “Don’t count the day done, till you made the day count.”

    • Vie November 10, 2014

      :) thanks for letting me know courtney! And we do need that!

  3. Joan February 20, 2015

    Oh phew! Ik ben niet de enige!

    • Vie February 26, 2015

      absoluut niet!!


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