Just the two of us (and some free advice)


When I was pregnant with Sylvester I thought I knew it all. I was 32, lived, traveled and partied and was ready to settle down and be a loving mom (with wooden toys and no sugar).

All the well-intentioned advice from parents was sweet, but I didn’t need it. So I smiled and gave them the “please shut up” look. I read about it and I had common sense. The tip: “Enjoy these last moments being just the two of you” was the most frequent and annoying.

We were ready for this baby, for this new exciting phase in our lives together.

5,5 years later… what I would do to have that time back. Just the two of us. Only for one month or so! Knowing what I know now, without knowing I have kids. Because of course I would miss them. After a week or 3.

Being care free. Sleep. A lot. Eat at 9 pm, or not at all. Just walk out the door the second you decide you want to and go places. Or nowhere, just wander around. Listen to grown up music in your car. Have a peaceful dinner in a (fancy) restaurant. A clean house for longer than an hour. The bed for us alone. Watch tv. Even better, stay in bed, eat junk food and watch movies (or a MTV weekend marathon!) all day! Go to sleep too late, but no worry you have to wake up before too early. You know, just the normal and boring.

And what I miss most is having some old fashion time with Mr. Husband. Just the two of us against the world. Not a worry or a wipey in side. (This blurry photo represents our lazy, no goal Saturdays that ended in brown cafes too early and making hundreds of selfies to kill time before dinner).

Free advice | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

Don’t get me wrong. We have a more than wonderful life, we do as many fun things as possible and we have two mostly sweet children. I seriously wouldn’t trade them for anything and I can’t imagine my life without them.

But to all parents to be: go! Waist time together! Talk. Read. Go on a holiday and relax. You think you know. You don’t.


PS. As we ‘speak’, I’m doing all of the above! Not with Mr. husband, but with a dear friend. 3  days of only taking care of me. Heaven! And I think I might enjoy that even better, knowing I will come home again and be with my favorite 3 people in the word.


  1. M May 28, 2015

    I still remember my husband’s boss giving THE advice…and I still remember thinking it’s just about the right management. I didn’t know anything!

  2. Erica May 28, 2015

    Wat heb je dat weer geweldig opgeschreven! En wat is het waar!

  3. You were the first to find out about my pregnancy and immediately gave us the advice to enjoy being with the two of us and do things before it’s too late. So that’s why we went to NYC a few weeks ago ;-)
    It’s so surreal that within 5 weeks now our life will change forever…
    Lately I feel like staying at home and be by myself, but after reading this I realize even more that I have to head out for dinner instead of ordering food to be delivered! Date night it is!

    And also, I really have to head out to you, on a week day… As long as it still can ;-)
    So… you’ll see me next week! But for now: enjoy NY, you deserve it so hard! You’re a super mom and your kids are awesome.
    (so yes, drop them off at our place any time you like, so you and B can have some time together. I’m serious!)



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