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This blog is our happy place. A little corner on the world wide web to call our own and to share what makes us tick. A lot of things, we can tell you. But yes, like always: so much to do, so little time. Next tot that we are the first to admit that sometimes there are people who can do things better than we. So drum rolls please….

We are very honored and happy to introduce Nora aka @lafete_nl to help us out! She’s a mom of two girls and ridicoulosly creative and she will be a contributor to our blog! She made a very appropriate first blog to celebrate:


I had this idea for a while and finally came to make them, these super easy party hats. I think it would also make a great activity at a kids birthday party, decorating your own hat. At least we had lot’s of fun making and wearing them :)

 What you’ll need:

  • (different) paper coffee or ice cups
  • decoration materials – crayons, stickers, masking tape, googly eyes, glitter, stamps
  • (colored) elastic cord or ribbon
  • tassels & pom poms or some thread to make them yourself
  • scissors or cutting knife
  • glue
  • crochet hook

Step 1 – decorate your hat
Start with the best part; decorate your hat. Draw on them with crayons, use different types of masking tape to create stripes. Sticky dots in bright colors make very cute dotted hats. Or try something fun like googly eyes. If you use stamps, make sure it dries first to avoid smudging.

Step 2 – top your hat

To make your hat extra festive, attach a tassel or pom pom on top of the hat. Online you find loads of tutorials how to create them your self. To attach, pierce two little holes in the bottom of the cup. Pull the thread with the crochet hook through and make a knot in the inside


Step 3 – attach elastic cord or ribbon

Pierce a hole on each side of the cup. Measure a piece of elastic cord or ribbon to match the hat & person who wears it. Don’t forget some extra length that is going through the inside of the cup. Pull the elastic cord through with the crochet hook on each side, making sure the two ends are inside the cup. Make a knot. If using ribbon, do it the other way around, and leave the ends hanging aside. We did find the elastic cord work best.

Step 4 – let’s party

You’re done. Let’s party!


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