Ladybug lessons

ladybug lessons

Rush hour or better: rush life. Sounds familiar? I guess I’m not the only one running from one place to another, while planning the rest of the day, the groceries or the weekend. Go with the flow. And that’s ok I guess, it’s called ‘life as you know it’. But it wouldn’t hurt to be a little more present right? Which reminds me of my train adventure the other day.

Having J around since the day she was growing inside me made me aware of other things than I was used to. My supersizing body for example. It made me feel everything, physically and emotionally. And now she’s here, she forces me to see things through her eyes. She’s the queen of living in the moment, the empress of enjoying the little things in life, the president of everything will be ok.

Today I heard her yelling and laughing in the other room. I would call it utmost happiness (despite her being sick for a week now). I went to see what was going on and she pointed at the window saying “mama mama pider pider”. It was a ladybug. A beautiful one. We counted its dots, I told her the dots’ tale and we watched it continue its journey with one centimeter an hour (then I made a photo, of course).


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  1. Anna March 20, 2015

    Wat mooi beschreven!


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