Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

snow in California | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

I love Christmas, but I also love when it’s all over again. So after a few days mostly spent inside, we were thinking of what to do, when Mr. Husband told me there is snow less than two hours away from our home. Of course I made him show us. We packed everything warm we still own (except R’s jacket, we left that one on the kitchen table… Thank god for the 3 extra sweaters I did bring).

when we arrived in the area there was no snow in sight. I was sweating because it was still so hot and I dressed for snow, but also because I got a little nervous. Just in case I started to prepare the kids that they might see nothing but green and trees. But look! So pretty! Maybe even better!

We’ve been married a pretty long time now, so I should have known that when he promises us something, he will deliver. He did. Big time.

snow in California | THE DOOR IN THE WALLimage3-1snow in California | THE DOOR IN THE WALLsnow in California | THE DOOR IN THE WALL

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  1. Ellen | in my Red Kitchen January 5, 2015

    Quite bizarre that the snow is so close! We drove 2.5 hours to Big Bear to spent New Years there. It was so freaking cold but we were ‘lucky’ as there was a snow storm and lots of snow came falling down the sky. So close to sunny LA and yet so ‘far away’, it was a completely different world!


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