Madelon’s 2016


Last year I wished everything would stay the same for you because it was that good. But it didn’t. It got bat shit better. Baby O entered your LA life and right after that you moved back home. Only a train ride apart from me (insert mad eyes)

Like you said to me; 2016 was all about life and less about blog. We couldn’t care less (sort of). And that’s what I like so much about us, about you. When life happens life happens. All is good. Even if it’s not. Our blog used to be a way to stay in touch. Now I know we would survive without it. But that’s not the point. The point is that we love our blog, our photos, our ideas, our lives. 2016 was beautiful. Let 2017 be as beautiful (minus the family expansion). And let us have our monthly blog date in a cafe with macbooks and wine at 11am. Pretty please.

Here’s your 2016 through my eyes. Just to remember.



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