Madelon vs Vie: cheesy memories

Madelon vs. Vie | The door in the wall

Hi Vie,

I didn’t forget you’re fishy question! I just had to wait until I was back ‘home’, in the Netherlands, to show you my food memories. Because these products are not sold in the US, or if they are, they’re slightly different and therefore not part of my culinary history.

But still it’s not the easiest question for me. I love food. But I don’t per se have a refind taste. I have friends that spend their last money on special food and only go to markets to buy all the super fresh and biological stuff. I wish I was like that, I even tried a short period of time, but how much I want to be that person, convenience almost always wins.

So my food memories aren’t high cuisine. And especially not that photogenic. Like my mothers sauerkraut with home made meatballs, but especially the left overs at lunch the day after. Sharing a plate and fork with her, alternetaly taking a bite, making sure hers weren’t bigger than mine. A fresh slice of bread with kip kerrie salade, only on Fridays when we did our groceries for the week. Biscuit rusks with peanut butter and cheese (yes, both!), because my best friends older brother always ate that and everything he did was so cool.

Madelon vs. Vie | The door in the wall

Or fried cheese. My mother didn’t feel like cooking every single day (boy do I understand now!), so we had a couple of easy dishes to turn to. This one she learned from my grandma. Not photogenic AT all, but you should taste it… SO good! She made the fried cheese, I was responsible for cutting the tomatoes and making tea. And then we sat in front of the tv and watched brilliant tv shows like the bold & beautiful, love boat or Colombo.


PS. I have a challenge in mind. First you settle in your new home and job, then we have some fun. Or at least I will….

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