Madelon vs. Vie: The look of love

Madelon vs. Vie: The look of love

So my friend… I think it’s time for a new challenge. It has been so long since the last one and I know you love them. For this particular one, I’m rather late. But not too late. And quite frankly, I think I need to take these extreme measures to make you.

You will hate me. And after a while, you will love me again. Or maybe not, but at least there will be no regret.

As you might have noticed, you’re pregnant. And you’re beautiful. You gained some weight, you struggle(d) with some nasty case of hormones. But you’re pregnant. And you’re beautiful. And this pregnancy thing doesn’t last forever (thank god!). You think you will remember, but guess again. You won’t.

So Mrs. Vie, I challenge you to take 10 photos. Being you, being pregnant.
Sitting on a couch, wearing pj’s, eating, drawing faces on your bump, doing hand stands. (Well maybe not that last one anymore). I don’t care. You don’t even have to share them all. I will settle for just one.

I don’t ask you to wear lace (I know you want to), I don’t ask you to casually lay on a bed looking like you are just resting, instead of taking over 50 selfies with the auto timer. Yes, like me. Let’s just say it was 3 years ago, people change! 

Madelon vs. Vie |The look of Love

Just some everyday photos I know you love so much. I know I do.
Are you up for it?


PS: If you need inspiration, here you go!

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