Madelon’s 2015


If you can make me cry over my 2015 I will make you CRYCRY over yours. Hah! No that’s not me. I won’t write a post just to make people cry. I do it because I love to, because it’s important to me and I’d like to share it with you (and our beloved readers). That has been our goal with this blog and it still is and will always be. Right?

What a year. For you, for me, for us.

Your move to LA. It made you laugh, love, swear and cry. Laugh because of the weird funny American habits. Love because of the closeness you feel with only you and your little family somewhere in the world being the most important thing in your life. Swear, again because of those weird American habits (and you having to drive a car again). And cry because it’s hard to be somewhere unfamiliar with family, friends and normal cheese and your bicycle so far away.


But you manage it. Come again? You rock it over there! No matter how hard it is sometimes, you just do it. Be loyal to Mr. Husband, stand by his side, make memories with your kids, take your photography to a next level (you probably disagree on this one) and meanwhile be that friend any girl would wish for (and the disagreement continues). And to be honest, I don’t know if I could do that. Well I do know: I couldn’t.

2016. Will it be much of the same? I hope so. At least more or less. But I also wish for you to make more and more memories. Expected and unexpected. Like flying to Arnhem at the beginning of March to do my new born shoot. Pretty please ;)

Enough with this babbling. Let me share some of my favourite M-moments of last year.


1. When you made mothers see themselves again. It made you famous. It inspired other blogs (some with and some without credits). It made me proud to be your blog buddy. And I know this one is from 2014. But it has to be mentioned, so i don’t care (so is the mermaid photo, but again, too good to care) .

2. When you made me nod like a mad man.

3. When you made me blink my eyes a few times because I could have written it.


What a hero you are. 52 x2. Again, I couldn’t. But you know that now ;)

22/52 Madelon. 52 project. Each kid. One photo. Every week.FullSizeRenderIMG_2171IMG_2208image


The beauty of being 2. The best ladybug lesson in the world.

And all of this:

image18image4Family rituals | THE DOOR IN THE WALLBrothers and sisters Zara | outtake madebylonIMG_5695 2image

Dear Madelon, I know we don’t do melodramatic romantic slime talk, because we’re supercool and invincible. I won’t say I love you through a Forever Friends e-card or send you an electronic hug to die for. No, I’ll just say thank you for being you and upgrading my life with it. Somehow I’m thankful for your move overseas. It took us where we are. Blog wise. Whatsapp wise. Friendship wise. But you can come back now ;)

And now I made myself cry. Damn those hormones.



  1. Marie January 8, 2016

    I join you for a little cry.

    …those pictures though

  2. omacandco January 8, 2016

    beautiful <3

  3. Ashley January 8, 2016

    Yall are the cutest! ❤️ Xx


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