Me and my greener grass

photo shoot minixstyle - behind the scenes

Before moving I had a job.
A real ‘grown-up-wear-dresses-and-heels’ kind of job. Somehow I ended up in the professional services industry when I was 21 and never got out.

Don’t get me wrong. I always loved working  (well, the majority of time). I even met most of my closest friends at work and learned so many things about, life, myself and… Business in general.

But. There’s always a but. I often felt I didn’t belong in that setting. I just knew I needed to be somewhere more creative. Not that I had a particular talent in that area. Not at all…

Of course. now I understand I just wanted to escape my daily routine and let’s be honest, don’t we all think it’s way better working at a ‘sexy’ company, doing awesome things? Like at a magazine, tv, marketing (for cool brands), or the fashion industry?

Well, end of last year I finally had the chance to experience my ‘greener grass’. My dear friend Emily, creative director and co-founder of Mini X Style, is one of the first people I met after arriving in LA and we immediately hit it off. She is also one the hardest working people I know. One day we were drinking coffee when she told me she was preparing this shoot for La Petite Magazine. Trying to act cool I casually mentioned I always wanted to see a photo shoot from up close (while inside I was screaming: please, please, PLEASE let me come!!!). My inner voice must be loud,  because she invited me. To help her assistant out, but how hard could that be?


And I loved being there. I loved the vibe, the process, everything. But man is this hard work! In the beginning it felt like my first day at my first job. Ever. No experience, no clue. Just following other people around like a loony. While Emily and her team worked together like a extremely well oiled and prepared machine, I was trying to (make the mothers) curl hair, searching for props in cars that didn’t open, getting extra material for the photographer (and forgetting half), dressing the sweetest models and tying shoelaces. After a while I got the hang of it, a little at least, and I only let one beautiful, giant, pink balloon escape… (Imagine this for a second. The. Horror.)

imageminixstyle behind the scenes

Conclusion. I had an amazing day! If she would ask me again I would do it in a heartbeat (however I don’t think she ever will). But would I like to do this as a full-time job? I don’t think so. I think I’m too old already (or maybe just too stubborn, or too many authority issues).

But meet my new ‘greener grass’: assisting the photographer! A girl can dream, right….?


PS. Did you see the editorial yet? It turned out so good! You can see the whole issue here. And please pay close attention to the perfectly tied shoelaces.

minxstyle for la petite magazineminixstyle for la petite magazineminixstyle for la petite mag


  1. Hanneke March 18, 2015

    Als je weer in Nederland bent, kom je dan meewerken aan een shoot voor Petit Lou? :D


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