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December is busy, but I love it because of its presents, food and family (in that specific order). I’m greedy.  When I open Instagram or Pinterest I get hungry. I wander through blogs for inspiration, run to web shops and toss everything I like in my shopping cart. I want it all. I toss some more, but than I get annoyed by my greed. Thank God for that, because I’d be homeless (and partnerless) otherwise.

People say less is more and I want to live like that too, because my head (and B) knows it’s better, more sustainable. That’s why I made up a few rules for myself to control this commercial weakness.

I can buy when: 1) I see something in real life and instantly know I can’t live without it, 2) I still think about that particular item the day after tomorrow, 3) a friend says to me “Vie you really need it, you’ll die otherwise”. And bonus points when it’s  from a small brand, handmade and from (organic) natural materials.

Still so much to wish for. But I thought instead of making a wish list, I’d share some of the favourites which I actually use, and be your you’ll-die-otherwise friend this December.


1) A music box. I buy one for J every Christmas.

2) Ikea Sockerart vase. I always use this one first

3) Black and skin colour shapewear top (any brand will do). Makes my post pregnancy muffin top disappear.


4) Different colours of acrylic paint. To brighten up your thrifted stuff or anything (I did it with an old faded flower painting).

5) Set. A very addictive card game.

6) Black sneakers. I wear them with everything until they stink

7) A big thick 100% wool cardigan (men’s department!). I live in that every winter, even gave birth in it.

8) Hurraw! lip balm. Organic, vegan and raw ingredients. Seriously, I’m addicted. Moon Balm and Coconut are my go-to’s.

9) Monsieur Linh and his Child. A beautiful (short) book by Philippe Claudel (here’s for Dutch readers). I cried the ugly cry.

10) Repose Ams lambswool baby blanket. Warms the baby. And my eyes.

11) A pretty fountain pen with different ink colours.

12) Lille Nord Magazine. A true inspiration.

Like to share what your personal favourites are? Because I do have a wish list to fill.


PS. The top painting is from the talented Lady Noel Designs. She makes gorgeous bright paintings. I wish I had an original, but an original copy will do too.


  1. marieke December 8, 2014

    Wat een leuke lijst! Als je set leuk vindt is quirkle misschien ook leuk. Is een soort kruising tussen set en scrabble, erg verslavend!

    • Vie December 9, 2014

      O dat ga ik meteen bekijken. Dank je voor de tip, Set is echt favoriet :)

  2. Marloes December 9, 2014

    I ❤️Lillenord magazine. Another great inspiration: Frankie magazine!

    • Vie December 9, 2014

      Ja die is ook fijn! En milk magazine en papier mache :)


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