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no dramatic changes pink house

Our new home is bigger than what we have now, has two storeys and a small garden. All I ever wished for. What I didn’t realize is that even though our Amsterdam apartment is small, we use all of the space in a very active way because it’s on the same level. The doors are always open and every room is easy accessible. J glides from one to another, literally. That’s different when you have stairs to climb. Therefor J will have the biggest room, so it will be a place for her to sleep and play.

Thinking of moving makes me extremely excited about decorating the place, her place in particular (that’s why throwing out the old feels better than expected). But I have to bear in mind that this place will be temporary, that the house is for sale and we’re moving out in maybe one year (and put up with the not so smart lay-out and dark grey carpet upstairs). Perfect for us to get to know the city a little better than the huge Humanoid store and the train station.

no dramatic changes collage

But that means no dramatic changes like a hundred big holes for frames or hysteric wallpaper. I have to be a little more creative (or less) to make the place our place. For the last couple of weeks Pinterest is my everyday toilet buddy. Can’t wait to get my hands dirty on this one. And with this I mean our home!


PS 1. Images in collage (clockwise): 1 | 2 | 3 |

PS 2. Read more about my minimalistic intentions.


  1. ana January 12, 2015

    I know what you mean. Before we bought our house two years ago we lived in a small apartment with Johannes and our two cats. We made it work though. I am a failure though… I said I’d keep things to a minimum…minimalism was my middle name…yet somehow I ended up right back to where I started. Bigger house with even more shit. :( goodluck mama

    • Vie January 12, 2015

      Thanks ana! I know that will be my future too. But still, throwing out feels too good to stop ;)

  2. Lisa January 12, 2015

    We downsized to a house half the size of our old one for the exact reason you say: we want to actively use our space everyday, rather than have rooms we never enter. Our current house is still two floors, but each floor is way smaller and we use the space way more as a result. We love it. And I’m sure you’ll love your new place as well (even if it’s temporary). Ps. Getting rid of old stuff was the most relieving feeling in the world! And we still seem to have a lot of junk!

    • Vie January 12, 2015

      I really love the idea to make space more usefull by downsizing. I only know you through social media, but it sounds just the way you are, true to what you think is best. And the throwing out part is very very relieving. I have to fill a bag every day :)

  3. Susanne Otter January 19, 2015

    Tip; panelen, panelen, panelen..
    Leef je uit met behang en neem het gewoon mee naar een volgend huis


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