O how I love you J

o how i love you j

I guess every mother thinks big about her child. So do I. That must be love.

But that girl of mine, I mean ours, she’s brilliant. I can’t believe that a nearly 2 year old can have a good sense humour. She makes me laugh every day since the day she was born. Not exactly that day, maybe a week later when I could sit again without fainting.

o how i love you j collection

She’s the busy kind of girl. She runs when there’s only two meters to cross. She climbs in and on anything (she tried to climb on a Lego lion). She puts everything on her head. She sings ‘americaaa americaaa’ all day and yells ‘oopsie’ when she does something she knows is not ok. She farts then tells everyone about it (and says oopsie) and she tries to make me laugh when she sees I’m sad by making crazy faces.

O how I love you J. And if you follow me on Instagram, you might know I have a hashtag for this.


PS. First photo is made by Lon :)

j loves her baby

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