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When we decided to end our 52 project last year, because we were getting bored and wanted a new challenge, we got no clue what we were getting ourselves into. So much work, but such a rewarding result. These monthly photo blogs tell our story, what we were missing in our 52 project portrait series.

There is always a but.

The last set of photos from that 52 project hit me hard. All I’m ‘preaching’ captured in one image. Our kids are growing up, changing, so fast I can’t even wrap my mind around it. So there and then a new series was born!

And way less time consuming…

All we need is our kids, a white wall and a camera. Isn’t it a miracle what only 12 months can do?


Same same but different: Maed for Mini style

Do we need to re introduce ourselves, or are we ok to just pick up where we left? They say good friends can do that! So now you know how we feel about those of you that still come and visit us here… Thank you for that!

So where were we? Probably somewhere that involves our family and taking photos because… well, we just love both. So when Maerle from Maed for Mini asked if we would like to work with her and create a blogpost around her brand we didn’t even blink our eyes before we said YES! We love her passion and we love her clothes! The only small problem is that we are not that blog. We don’t promote, we don’t tell you what to like, buy, or think. We live and we use.

So here we are, doing what we do best: living, using, loving and taking some photos along the way! Do you remember Same same but different? So many similarities between us, but also so many differences. This time we both went beach bound in our fall break, we both have pretty babies and we both brought some favorites from Maed for mini winter collection!

So we proudly present: same same but different Maed for Mini style!

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