Just Leo

I’m in love with Leo. That’s what happens when I dream. This morning I woke up with butterflies. I kept my eyes closed and laid as still as possible trying super super hard to hang onto Leo, his killer arms and mellifluous voice. Until I heard another voice babble “mama mama”. And another one coughing in my ear. 

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Book club junior

I love books. I used to slay books like I slay wine right now. But there’s a lack of time. Probably because I’m up to my ears in this little family I made. Happy ears and tired wine slaying ears (but that’s another blog post). So instead of reading Paulo Coelho and Jill Mansel, I read Annie MG Schmidt and Jon Klassen. Every single evening J picks two books. We squeeze ourselves into her toddler bed and as soon as I start reading she relaxes. It’s also the best cure when she’s sad or stressed. She even tries to read to herself or to her sister. I should have called her Matilda. That’s why it’s more than appropriate to start a book item here, to share our favourites once a month. Kicking off with ‘De dierenwereld van Europa‘ or ‘Wildlife of Europe’ by Amy Hamilton for Juniqe.

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La fête in da house!

This blog is our happy place. A little corner on the world wide web to call our own and to share what makes us tick. A lot of things, we can tell you. But yes, like always: so much to do, so little time. Next tot that we are the first to admit that sometimes there are people who can do things better than we. So drum rolls please….

We are very honored and happy to introduce Nora aka @lafete_nl to help us out! She’s a mom of two girls and ridicoulosly creative and she will be a contributor to our blog! She made a very appropriate first blog to celebrate:

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One year ago today

One year ago today

One year ago today I found out I was pregnant again. It was a wish that was never really thought trough. Is it ever?

When the test was positive (and Mr. husband a continent away so not able to calm me) I stressed out. What was I thinking?! Already two beautiful and healthy children, finally sleeping through the night, able to travel… Next to that, no support system, not the youngest anymore. Why on earth did I want to put what I already had on the line?!

One year later. I have another love of my life.


P.S. Photos are taken one week after he was born. Look at him! A serious case of you think you remember, but you don’t. I love the magic of photos.

One year ago today One year ago today One year ago today One year ago today One year ago today

1 photo on the bed | Madelon

1 photo on the bed | MadelonWe are known to be pretty good bandwagon jumpers. Turns out we are pretty amazing at jumping off as well. We loved the 52 photos on the wall project with a passion, but after two years the fire turned into a little flame. So time to find a new fire.

We tried to think of something new, something original and unique. But honestly, when a good thing is already invented… We are big admirers of Ashley aka @thestorkandthebeanstalk. She’s not only an amazing photographer, but also an amazing mother. And last but not less important: funny too.
She started a monthly family portret serie a while back. And we decided to steal, ehhh be very inspired by her and start one of our own.

So here’s number 1!

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