Penpals: Stick around friends

Hi M,

Your last sentence keeps echoing in my head “if you meet someone likeminded it just falls into place”. That’s exactly how I feel about this. About love in general. I like to feel things. Not literally, but more emotionally. And when I meet someone, I know very quickly if we can relate or not and I think you are the same.

It’s easy for me to say now, I’m not in LA with 2 kids and a working husband. But I really think the flashbacks to how it was when you were in high school or on the dating market, make you feel more insecure. Like you’re there again. But you’re not.

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One (and a half) year ago we went on a holiday to LA, not knowing we would actually move there one year later. We had such an amazing time! 5 weeks of exploring, enjoying the weather, meeting all these nice people and being together (and some working for him).

But there were a few things I had a harder time appreciating. Like all these big, grey, concrete buildings without windows. However, after a while I started to notice all this amazing murals. There were so many walls to paint, and they do! Bright colors, beautiful graphics and illustrations.

We started looking for them and after that we started posing in front of them and taking pictures (you can call me shallow, but I just don’t like looking back at photos without people on them, not even my own). And yes, of course we posted them on Instagram!

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Dress Up December


December is her month. I love December and all it’s family gatherings, food and presents. But I can tell you this: December is the most inconvenient month to deliver a baby.

In short: we have two* Christmas like events and a little girl’s birthday in less than a month. All of which involves family. And I grew up in a family that knows how to value presents (if you know what I mean). Including me, but this three week gift marathon is let’s say intense.

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Freaking Selfie Friday | week 2

freaking selfie friday leopard is the new neutral

Yeah babies it’s Friday! Freaking Selfie Friday to be more accurate.

So we have this idea to start the weekend with a catchy quote and ditto selfie (read auto timer). Match made in heaven right? In fact we want to try this every single week, starting with last weeks shake that weekend.

So happy weekend and for now:



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Blogger versus therapist

Blogger vs psychologist

This blog makes me happy. Every bit of it.

Since a couple of months, we talk about this every day and I’m still not bored. Good score for a manic person. In fact, I’m quite busy with it and I can tell you my partner in crime is too.

Thinking of new blogposts, making photo’s, writing, behind the scenes css-ing, rewriting, following Google Analystics, discussing on what’s app, laughing our asses off and so on. Who says blogging is something you fix in a minute with your eyes closed can stand up now. To get a smack in the face, because I disagree.

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Super model mama


This mama thing is taking its toll. On my energy level, my sanity, but most importantly: my  body.

I know it’s not done to complain. This wonderful machine created two beautiful and healthy babies and how wonderful is that. I am the luckiest person in the world that is blessed with two sort of easy pregnancies and two perfect, healthy and strong children! But damn, I hate what it did to my body.

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O how I love you J

o how i love you j

I guess every mother thinks big about her child. So do I. That must be love.

But that girl of mine, I mean ours, she’s brilliant. I can’t believe that a nearly 2 year old can have a good sense humour. She makes me laugh every day since the day she was born. Not exactly that day, maybe a week later when I could sit again without fainting.

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Penpals: Making new friends

Processed with VSCOcam with 2 presetHi V.

It’s been 4 months already. Me living in LA. I am adjusting, starting to find my way around the supermarket. Our house is almost finished and feels more and more like home.

So far so good. But then there is the building a new social life part. I’m 37 and I have to make new friends. And that is not so easy.

I don’t need loads of friends, because honestly I can’t handle many. I’m a good friend, a loyal friend, and an ‘I move mountains for you’ friend. But I don’t call to chat and I will remember that important thing you have, but probably a day too late. I’m messy. In my house, in my head and in my friendships. But I’m there when I need to, i’m true and I’m always honest.

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