What I miss most

foto 2-2

Of course I miss my mom. Everything I learned about strength is from her. And she’s super woman at this moment. But next to that I’m still pretty much ok. Yes, I Would love to meet up with some friends, but internet, mail and what’s app make it so much easier. And let’s be honest, me and most friends are in the same boat, having small kids. So it’s lovely to meet up, but there is not that much room to have a real, meaningful, in-depth conversation when ‘they’ are around. And if you’re not in the same boat, if you want to or not, it’s even harder.

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Family photos Vietnamese edition

family photos fail

My life is captured in hundreds of photos my family took along the way. My father still carries a photo camera around his waist, ready to pull it out and shoot anything. My mother glued all those photos in albums with special glue and a saté skewer for ultimate precision. My brothers have those big camera’s and my sister has a better photo side (the same as mine, so we fight). We all love pictures. Of us. Autotimer is our favourite.

Today was an example.

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Ace Ace baby


So we went away. To lovely and beautiful Joshua Tree. And on our way home we stopped at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and stayed a night (bucket list – one down).

Once a month, I also write a little blog for the girls from mini style, and sometimes they even ask me to shoot some (product) photos for them. I love making photos, but my kids? Not so much, which I understand and try to respect (yes, I’m failing, but I do try!).

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Vie vs. Madelon: coffee

Hi M,

This took me like weeks. Sorry for that. We ran out of coffee and since I’m in between jobs there’s no train station Starbucks to make my day.  But I can’t say no to a challenge, can I? Vanilla almond latte is what makes me happy. Soy milk if almond is too fancy. And a cookie when she’s not around.

I have this new challenge for you. Laughed my ass off thinking it through. Will be up soon :)


coffee on the beach


13 - be happy it drives people crazy

We’re on a house hunt. A very slow and relaxed one. But today was a turning point. Yesterday we finally decided for number 13. We were on cloud nine about this decision. I even convinced B to give me that squeaky white floor. 

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Play Noh

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Play Doh. Since J knows about the existence of this stinking stuff she screams for it. Made her cousin let her take some home and made me buy it because her cousin’s somehow disappeared. Best part is that she plays with it for longer than five minutes. Worst part is that hell of a smell. That can’t be good.

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Madelon vs. Vie: coffee

Hi Vie!

My day is just starting, while you’re eating dinner already. I probably never get used to this time difference. 9 hours! But. I just came to the conclusion that I don’t know how you drink your coffee in the morning. I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours!

Coffee with milk, lots of it.




running in airport space

This wildcat is a space lover. And with space i mean spaaaaaaaace. Running around like a looney. Climbing on everything she sees. She’ll be in heaven when she wakes up in Ibiza tomorrow morning.