Preg talk


I know it’s dead boring but all I do now is being pregnant. So that’s all I can write about. Can. Want. Will. So it’s silence or preg talk. You choose and read on or not.

3 more weeks until my due date. Which in my humble opinion means max 1,5 week to go. J came at 38 weeks and 3 days. My mother gave birth to all 4 of us at 38 weeks. B’s gut feeling tells him it will be 38 weeks again. It’s just my midwife who says we cannot predict anything at all according to science. Well, who would you believe? B’s guts or the midwife and her education? That’s right, 38 weeks it is.

The closer I get, the more excited I am and the more ready I feel. Weird how it just works like that. My body is preparing. Which basically means I cannot move around without feeling like my whole uterus will come out any second. My mind is setting. Meaning: cleaning, washing, shopping (online because of the uterus-falling-out thing) and a little bit of yelling and crying if things don’t go my way.

Looking at photo’s of fresh little babies makes my heart beat faster. Picturing B and J with the baby simply transform my brains into whipped cream. So I booked a new born shoot and bought a nice swaddle to wrap up the girl for that same shoot (not just that, PayPal is my best friend at the moment). I also got out my shape body wear, made B get a new haircut and am still practicing my non-double-chin pose every time a pass a mirror.

That’s my life right now. All covered up in hormones. The happy I-am-ready ones. Pink and glittery. Yes I’m getting there. For me I hope it will stay strong forever. For you I hope I will get back to my normal, darker, self again anytime soon.



  1. Jannemiek February 5, 2016

    Haha, ik ben echt zo fan van jouw schrijven. Met je whole uterus coming out, en je non-double-chin-pose practicing… Nog even tot die 38 weken (+ nogwat) en dan op die pink and glittery wolk met z’n allen. Doen wij IG-kijkers/bloglezers van een afstandje met je mee. Joe!

    • Vie February 5, 2016

      Haha lief van je! Leuk om te horen :) en no worries, jullie horen het! X

  2. Annemarie February 9, 2016

    hahaha leuk geschreven! Ik doe met je mee, 35 weken zwanger en ik ben nu nog aan het werk maar hoop daarna very fast ready as can bee te worden! Ik heb er vooral weer zin in :) Geniet ervan en alle geluk! liefs

    • Vie February 9, 2016

      Wow wat een bikkel, nog werken! Jij ook succes met laatste loodjes en daarna muchos babylove :)


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