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Dark walls | The door in the wall blog

First of all I would like to apologize for this phase both Vie and I going through. If you’re not planning to move or feel like redocarating, please bare with us…

But we are and I am. Yes, I was nearly finished. Only thing left was me dreaming of winning the lottery so I could finally buy all those posters, lights and cabinets that are on my wish list for like ever.

But. Then it happened. Again. I want it different. All of it. I see all these beautiful, simple, empty and white interiors (yes, myself included) and it starts to itch, nag even. To do it different. To not follow the crowd, but rebel. A little.

Dark walls | The door in the wall blog

So now I dream of dark painted walls, green plants (many) and loads of stuff (everywhere).  Beautiful stuff, so top priority is still winning that lottery.

You know those people who move into a house, paint, put a couch and a table in and are satisfied with it for the rest of their lives? In my next life, I want to be one of those.


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  1. Laura February 12, 2015

    haha I feel you!! Ook al ben ik niet net verhuisd. Ik zal nooit compleet tevreden zijn, en ik wil juist andere dingen dan wat in is (niet om speciaal te doen, maar ik ben niet zo’n ‘volger’: versta me niet verkeerd, ik bedoel dit niet negatief voor degene die wel volgen. ). Het zal nooit af zijn, want wij evolueren ook in ons doen, denken, prikkels, behoeftes…
    Die groene bordverfmuur is al een mooi begin ;). Succes!!

  2. Lize February 17, 2015

    Ken het maar al te goed. We wonen nog maar 3 jaar in ons appartement maar hebben inmiddels al 6 verschillende eettafels gehad. Vind de man erg leuk. Not. ;)


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