One (and a half) year ago we went on a holiday to LA, not knowing we would actually move there one year later. We had such an amazing time! 5 weeks of exploring, enjoying the weather, meeting all these nice people and being together (and some working for him).

But there were a few things I had a harder time appreciating. Like all these big, grey, concrete buildings without windows. However, after a while I started to notice all this amazing murals. There were so many walls to paint, and they do! Bright colors, beautiful graphics and illustrations.

We started looking for them and after that we started posing in front of them and taking pictures (you can call me shallow, but I just don’t like looking back at photos without people on them, not even my own). And yes, of course we posted them on Instagram!


Fast forward. We arrived home and walking down the street, seeing all the brick houses with windows…. made me miss these big and colorful walls. Together with my creative Instagram friend  Constanze Linnea I made up this fun hashtag #rockthatwall, so I wouldn’t have to go cold turkey. No idea people would actually start using it!

One year later this hashtag, with almost 6000 posts already, has nothing to do with me anymore. But I still love seeing it pop up in my feed! As you can see on my IG account, Im still going strong!




  1. Danielle November 25, 2014

    Ik word ook altijd weer blij van jou muren!

  2. Eva de jongste November 25, 2014

    Je geeft mij inspiratie! Ik ben fan!

  3. Chris November 25, 2014

    Hoe mooi kan een muur zijn! Love it.


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