Slow food photo

slow food photo 01

Hi M,

You definitely know me better than I thought. What a fantastic idea to let our big girls camera have a more decent role this coming year.

I must admit I’m the kind of person that desperately needs someone breathing in my neck to reach a goal, like loud smelly breathing. That must be you and your visual talents (not the smelly part).

But man, I’m also a person that desperately wants to be really good at everything and tends to be a little jealous when someone else is excelling.

However, I want to get better. Better at making slow food photo ’s with my camera, and better at being happy with myself and my talents. So let’s do this 52 project together!




  1. Anne December 29, 2014

    Prachtige foto’s!

    • Vie December 29, 2014

      lief anne, dank je!

  2. Bregje December 29, 2014


  3. Karlijn December 29, 2014

    Super! Ik vind ze nu al prachtig, moet je nagaan hoe goed ze aan het einde van het jaar zijn :)

    • Vie December 29, 2014

      Haha dank je karlijn. Het zal mij ook benieuwen ;)

  4. Karina January 6, 2015

    Heel mooi! <3


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