Sometimes I wonder why the hell I’m doing this. This exposing to the world through social media. And I’m not the only one. It’s a big deal everywhere. People writing about it, people screaming they’re going to quit the whole thing and coming back because of all the love they get. Everyone seems to have an opinion about this (oohlalaa when it comes to kids). And you’re either pro or anti this sharing culture. Or ambiguous like me.

Mother earth gave me brains to think, eyes to see and a heart to feel, right? Do I need anything else to decide what’s best for me? I don’t think so. Do I need anything else to decide what’s best for J? Maybe a mouth to talk about it with my inner circle and ears to hear them out (and that same mouth to tell them to shut up). In the end it’s up to me. Now let that be the the hard part.

I have internal dialogues to remind myself why I’m still here and sharing my nightly breakfast preps all the time and B is there to keep my ass on topic too (as a figure of speech). But I’m still here and I want to tell why. To you, and to the older me that definitely will have this self talk again anytime soon.

I love my life the way it is, a glorious mess with moments of crazy shit and moments of utter happiness. As life rushes by in a blink of an eye, I want to hold on to these little moments. Moments when J smudged herself with eyeliner again or moments of heavy reflection. Taking a photo or writing a blog post makes those moments tangible, even the hard ones. It helps me to soak up this life, keep it’s memory alive (and be a better photographer). I am so much more aware of life itself since I’m into this.

And I do have back off periods, busy living my life or tired of socialmedializing (like socializing but different). And it’s just what it is. Real life you know?! So my conclusion is: it’s ok to do whatever I do, spamming the day away or hold back for a little while or everything in between, as long as I keep using my brains, eyes and heart.

Now let’s get ready for some good stuff, like Freaking Selfie Friday tomorrow.



  1. marije March 12, 2015

    Amen. Well said & written.

  2. Anne March 12, 2015

    Hear, hear!

  3. Efren November 20, 2015

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  4. Lonneke December 1, 2015

    Mooi Vie, ik herken veel van die innerlijke dialoog met jezelf. Ben het overigens helemaal met je eens. Het maakt niet uit wat je doet, als het maar jouw keuze is. Ik liep wat achter, maar lees nog steeds graag met jullie mee xx

    • Vie December 9, 2015

      En nog een keer: lief! Fijn om te horen dat je het leuk vindt om met ons mee te lezen :)


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