Penpals: Stick around friends

Hi M,

Your last sentence keeps echoing in my head “if you meet someone likeminded it just falls into place”. That’s exactly how I feel about this. About love in general. I like to feel things. Not literally, but more emotionally. And when I meet someone, I know very quickly if we can relate or not and I think you are the same.

It’s easy for me to say now, I’m not in LA with 2 kids and a working husband. But I really think the flashbacks to how it was when you were in high school or on the dating market, make you feel more insecure. Like you’re there again. But you’re not.

You are 37. You’re raising two beautiful children. You have the wisest things to say. You know how life works. You’re smart and you’re sensitive (and I am going to stop now). So I think if you go past those flashback feelings, you know what’s important to you when it comes to connecting with people. Like you don’t need many (or meaningless), love to have a good laugh and wine, go out once in a while, maybe a little understanding about your situation and most important some mutual interest in each other.

And I believe there are a few who proved to be a good party right? Maybe you shouldn’t aim for more, just go with the flow and the stick-around-girls will show.

In the meantime you have me (and some other dear friends from overseas). Weird huh? We only met like 6 times in less than a year, but our friendship grew like your IG followers grow. It’s just there. Remember that first time? When you gave J and her perfect white woollen sweater, a cookie the size of her head?

Now we’re having this blog and we talk every day (thankfully we’re in different time zones), about our online and our offline lives. And I like that. I know you’re there. If not right away, then 10 minutes or a night sleep later.

Please remind me about this letter when I’ve moved out of Amsterdam and sob about a friendless life.


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