Dream home

Lately I’ve been pinning a lot of interiors (for various little and bigger projects popping up in my mind). So I thought, what would my dream home look like if I didn’t have to take into consideration a husband with an opinion of his own, nor kids with practical restrictions and cars/lego/pokémon additions?

Here it is: my inner city house, with a view to kill and a secret garden.

All pictures can be found on my pinterest account.


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It’s raining men


Vie had a request. A real nice one. She requested a men’s style post. Which is right up my alley. Although I love women’s clothing, I really fancy men’s wear too. Ever since watching Yorin Travel I wanted to be a man just to be able to dress like Chris Zegers (don’t judge). Effortless and minimalistic, because a stylish man hardly needs more than a good shirt and pants. It should have come as no surprise I birthed three boys … how much more difficult it turns out to dress them (but that’s a whole other post).

Anyways, Vie wanted men. A post, not necessarily revolving around one particular (famous) man, although she does have favourites, and preferably without beards (sorry Vie).


P.S. All pictures can be found on my Pinterest account

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Tilda by BregjeMadelon has been asking me for some time to do a style post with Tilda Swinton.

The actress with an icy expression, impeccable taste and a platinum blonde do. You know her, right? You don’t? Then hurry yourself to Pinterest and find her; you will fall in love. And even if you do know her: look her up. Photos of her are a true piece of art. Enjoy!


All photos from Bregje’s Pinterest page

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