Thank you billions gazillions!

thank you billions gazillions 01

It’s been five days since THE DOOR IN THE WALL has been awarded with 2 Dutch Mom Blog Awards 2015 in the category Lifestyle and Fashion. One from a professional jury and one from you guys. Craaaazy, let us tell you that. Hearing about our nomination was like hearing that Eddie Redmayne might have a crush on us. Again craaaazy. And now it’s there, out in the open. Eddie officially told us he does have a crush on us, a double crush.

One of the first things we said to each other was: “we have to be true to what we like, laugh our asses off and stay sharp, that way we’ll end up in Fabulous Mama Magazine”. Nearly one year later we’re very true to what we like, laugh more than our asses off, keep each other sharp as a razor and end up with two awards with a very close link to Fabulous Mama. Did we say craaaazy yet?

So thank you billions gazillions to all of you readers! Old, new, borrowed, blue, it doesn’t matter. You’ve been there. Kept us on our way, stimulated us to stay the way we are and laughed and cried with us. It means the world. Seriously! Now back to work again, breaking our happy heads on new ideas, photo’s, Freaking Selfie Fridays, challenges and more. Stay with us. And see how we smash our next big goal within another year.


PS 1. Special thanks to Esther Buitendijk from Blogstreet and Urbanmoms for organizing this great event for mom blogs. And her partners Fabulous Mama, Bugaboo, Friesland Campina, Kirsten Jassies, Bloomon.

PS 2. Big congrats to our co-bloggers and winners: &SUUS, Barts Boekje Junior, Famme, The Cool Heads and Circusbeerphotography.

PS 3. Bregje, you definitely have stand-in qualities. Thanks!

PS 4. Eddie, we’ll call you asap.

thank you billions 02thank you billions 03thank you billions 04thank you billions 05

Photo credits image 3 and 4: Shamilla Malaihollo


  1. odelinemac September 24, 2015

    Tof! well done ladies and very well deserved! please stay true and fun :)

    • Vie September 25, 2015

      Thank you!! We are still so happy :)


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