Things are happening

things are happening danielle guenther

I won’t write a long introduction to what I want to say. I’ll just say it. THINGS ARE HAPPENING. AND I LIKE IT. Now let me tell you why.

After two and a half years of working, studying, having a baby and some not recommended family things I was done with turmoil. I wanted to sleep, eat, wander through Amsterdam with J and drink wine. And I did. I marked myself as ‘in between jobs’ and there I was. Free as a bird.

I had time to think about how I pictured our future. Ha, not! I just sat there at the parc, enjoying the sound of screaming children (yep, that desperate), making sand ice cream and eat Miffy cookies every single day. I loved it and thought I could do this forever.

But somehow it started to itch. I like to do things for myself. You can’t believe how happy this blog makes me. A creative outlet for anything that crosses my mind. But the best part is doing this together with Madelon. We talk every day, the whole day and it never bores. She’s there in LA, being likeminded and talking back to me.

And I think that part of connecting with someone made me realize how much I like to be out there, in the world. Connecting. But this little sabbatical also made me realize how much I love to be at home, spend time with my little family and do things from behind my computer with no make up on, like writing this or  catching up on instagram. It also made me respect all the parents who have kids around 24/7. What a f***ing hard job! And nobody seems to understand (and I only have 1 and she went to daycare once a week).

My head cleared up, B and I talked about it and here we are. Moving out of Amsterdam this weekend, starting a new (very cool) job in 2 weeks, starting another short project next week, planned a trip to Italy for the wedding of the year (not mine) and keep going strong on the LA hotline.

I told you things are happening. It freaks the hell out of me. But let’s just say I have more doors in my wall now. I love them all and I want them all. But when someone asks me to choose, I’ll always choose the pink one again, like J ;). Untill then we’ll have a busy household, like many of you do and like Danielle Guenther made very clear with her striking photographs (like above).

Packing like a madman and offline now. See you on the other side of the country!


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  1. Anne January 28, 2015

    Succes met het inpakken van de laatste dingen! En daarna natuurlijk het verhuizen en uitpakken..


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