The upside of moving

Moving is dreadful. Doesn’t matter how much you like to leave the old place, or how exciting the new is. The part where you have to put everything in boxes is nobodies favorite.

The last time we moved (I moved a lot in my life…), we had the luxury of a removal firm. It was so weird and fantastic at the same time that we could leave the house with everything in it and on its place and arrive at the end of the day to see all was packed. The days before were nevertheless tiring and frustrating. Because you want to leave your home perfectly organized and clutter free. At least I did….


But I promised you a fun part! And life saver Pinterest is there to help. After all is moved in, all is unpacked and you are sort of settled there are so much fun things you can do with all those empty boxes!

I selected a few and of course I had to try one…  

I picked the easiest one, because, well,  I still have those three left hands. Next to that, S. had his mind set on his own castle room.


Seriously, it was so easy to make and he loved it! I might even try one of the others…

Happy Thanksgiving!


PS 1. First 4 images are from pinterest, you can find them here: lion head /dino /washing machine/castle door
PS 2. The crochet garland is from Wimke!
PS 3. Yes,  just like IG, you only see the parts we like you to see. But there is always another side. A little more messy.



  1. Lori November 28, 2014

    Love the back of the box too! Looks like they’re all about th cardboard now – begin garish plastic… No? Oh ok then. loving it, well done lovely x

  2. Lori November 28, 2014

    Being *be gone… It’s past my bed time.. Happy thanks giving x

  3. Lori November 28, 2014

    Being *be gone… It’s past my bed time.. Happy thanks giving x


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