Vie’s 2015

Vie's 2015

And that was 2015. She flew by, don’t you think? Well, while I was busy living it I did not agree. At all. Actually it is a bit like the first year having a baby. Time stands still, every day feels a little the same. So many diapers, so many missed hours of sleep, so many wet kisses. But on its first birthday your little baby is unwrapping gifts like a pro and demanding cake like there is no tomorrow. That little baby turned into a little person in just a heart beat!

But I’m drifting away.

Vie and I talked and decided this year deserved a recap. Because it was quite a year for both of us. The only thing is, that we are not the ‘looking back’ kind of people. Been there, done that. Wrote a tear jerker about that before. I could easily sum up some of Vie’s highlights, but my own? Luckily we are the ‘why not?’ kind of people so here we go:

Vie’s 2015 through my eyes :Vie's 2015


A small recap, but almost only big things! Huge things.

We started the blog end of 2014. Both unemployed and some time on our hands. But in 2015 real life came along again, at least for you, in the form of a great and very meaningful job. We talked about it, you wrote about it and it worked out. You worked it out. A job that asks a lot of your time and energy and which is a big contrast with some of the things we love doing here. But you’re still here and I thank you, but more importantly salute you for that.

Next to that you left Amsterdam, you entered Arnhem, you rented a house, you bought a house, you moved again, you made a baby, fought some hormones and ate chocolate. In no particular order. Only thing missing is a wedding dress (hint hint) and no, the one from your new sister-in-law doesn’t count! Just summing that up makes me tired. I can only imagine how you feel.


1. You know I will forever love the ladybug lessons!
2. Socialmedializing hit home, but life with hormones made me cry.
3. When I’m depressed I just have to go back to this post and all is good again! (Or this one, for completely different and obvious reasons…)

(Yes, I’m aware there are 4. )

Vie's 2015 Vie's 2015 Vie's 2015Vie's 2015

(Yes, I know there are 5. I’m such a bad picker, can you tell?  It was a blast going trough all your posts and photos and impossible to choose. I’m just going to make up lists along the way!):

Vie's 2015 Vie's 2015 Vie's 2015Vie's 2015Vie's 2015

2015 was a busy, life changing year for you. 2016 definitely will be too, but in a complete different way. I hope you find the peace and quiet you hoped for, so you can love those two little girls (and don’t forget B.) without distraction. And hopefully still find a  little time to talk to me, because If I may add a little piece of my 2015: I loved talking with you almost every day. I’m so glad that this internet dating thing of ours developed into the friendship it is today, and that OUR baby is still going strong (!!)!

Vie's 2015

I don’t do new years resolutions, but for you I make one exception:

Laugh together as much in 2016 as we did in 2015. Deal?


P.S. Yes, we continue our 52 project for another year… From now on we will be posting these on Thursdays!

P.S. 2 Glad to be back!

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