Vie versus Madelon: Pop that cake

Yes Madelon, here we go. You wanted a cake. I got you a cake. And not just one.

Pinterest worked like a charm. I had it all figured out in no time. Cake pops. And not just plain cake pops, noohoo, no bake Oreo cake pops that is. Sort of easy and tremendously suitable with a kid under the age of 2. Seriously.

oreo cake pops day 1


It took me two days to finish the project. And J? She was in hyperactive heaven for 48 hours. But we loved it.

At first I was a little hesitant. “Is this an okay sequal to Madelon’s beautiful rainbow cake?”, “Will our readers accept this non-bakey thing?”, “Will I accept this non-bakey thing?”. But then I thought what the hell, it’s my blog, my challenge and I do as I please.

Three seconds later I added a panda-face. Because somehow I feel the pressure to shine. Yeah I’m a sucker. And those panda’s… well if you don’t zoom in, or have to eat them, they’re fine.

Either way, I think I like these challenges. I’m a game-person. You’re not. Now let me work out my next step.



Pierrot la Lune cardigan + Fine Little Day bunny plate from Pearls & Swines

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