Vie vs. Madelon: nostalgic fish

nostalgic fish

Hi M,

Last week I was strolling through our supermarket and while searching for a can of good and safe tuna, I spotted some good old herring in tomato sauce. Hadn’t seen that for a long long time. I almost screeched. In a happy way.

When I lived with my parents and siblings we used to have this for lunch from time to time on a Sunday. My mother chopped onions, then grilled them with herring in tomato sauce and added some water and lots of Vietnamese black pepper. We all got our little bowl with ‘canned fish’ and some fresh crisp white bread. Dip and sip. With chopsticks.

So today I had a nostalgic lunch all by myself. It was divine. And it made me wonder if you have childhood food memories too. I would love for you to show me!


PS. If you think this is a lame challenge, you’re totally right (you can see the previous ones here), but I’m saving my creative energy for a supermario come back in 2015

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