Vie vs. Madelon: The look of life

the look of life 04

Once apon a time there was a girl. Just an ordinary girl. As ordinary as knocked up girls can be. All blown up by a little baby growing inside. She felt like a hobbling hippo. High heels and makeup were beyond her routine. Not to mention let anyone take her picture. But there was this evil stepsister who challenged her. 10 photos. Being pregnant photos. The girl screamed, used all of the curse words she knew and said NO. But…

After a few (lot) more moments of self-reflection she decided she’s no pussy. She’ll take the challenge. Maybe 10 were a little too much to ask for. So 3 must do. And one of them had to something lace-like, because of all the perfect pregnant lace-bellies she saw on Pinterest and Instagram which made her part jealous part giggly (because why sexy lace and not plain cotton or cosy wool?!). But most of all pathetically jealous. And she tried the sexy white lace top, which got above her belly button (off course) showing the stretch marks she owns since week 36. So she got back to boring black and she swears it’s lace. You just don’t see it ;) (maybe a true pussy after all).

So here you go evil stepsister: the look of life. I did it for you. But I know in the end I did it for me. And for my youngest daughter. I guess she’ll love me later. And love you even more.

You know I will get back to you right? And you’re damn right. Let me get this baby out first before make you do something… goooood.


the look of life 02the look of life 05

And one outtake, because it was a tough job.

the look of life 06

Photo credits: B and autotimer

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