Vie’s 2016

Like last year, we decided to look back on the past year for each other. Because we love to scroll through posts (a couple) and photos (a lot). So here we go…


2016 was a quiet year. Blog wise. Adventurous life wise. Not much happened but also everything happened. You moved houses (again), You added a little human to your life.  Of course we still talked about our blog, loved it, had many new (hilarious) ideas, but often life got in the way. And that’s okay, because that’s what it’s all about, blog wise.

However, we never stopped photographing. So I decided to let your images talk, instead of me. Because they are way more powerful and beautiful.

I think it is safe to say your year was all sorts of wonderful.

Happy 2017 dear Vie! Let’s make magic together next year! Blog wise, but finally also life wise.


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  1. Alarna December 29, 2016

    Your photos are amazing! Truly beautiful x


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