All I want for Christmas… is a poster

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I love art. and I love to change it. Quite often. Those two don’t go very well together. I’m blessed with the best stepfather you can imagine. He is the sweetest, kindest, most adventurous person I know. And he’s an artist. He makes the most beautiful paintings and sculptures. So I am spoiled and own some pretty amazing pieces.

But I’m always looking for more. Next to that I’m quickly bored with the same view every single day (good thing Mr. Husband travels a lot!). 

poster print wish list | madebylon THE DOOR IN THE WALL

Best way to still that hunger without paying a fortune is by buying a poster. And there are so many good ones! It’s like shoes, there are so many pretty ones and you can never have enough.

So here are some prints I would love to get my hands on…


PS 1. Can’t wait until my kids start drawing and painting! I Think I will frame a lot of those as well. My boy is a slow starter but since a few weeks he’s developing some interest. Fingers crossed…

PS 2. prints can be found here (clockwise): 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / / 9

poster print wish list | Madelon THE DOOR IN THE WALL


  1. Laura December 16, 2014

    ja, ik ook, ben verslaafd! Ik vind zo veel dingen mooi maar ‘durf’ ze nooit ophangen want dan denk ik dat het daar voor altijd moet hangen ;)
    En prachtig die eerste! Van je stiefvader?? Echt heel mooi!

    x Laura
    (ps die palm staat ook op m’n kerstwishlist)

    • Madelon December 16, 2014

      Stiefvader schildert en maakt beelden. Eerste is uit Zweden en ze versturen niet…. Dus ik weet je te vinden straks! ;). (ps. jouw collectie is al jaloersmakend.)


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