What I miss most

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Of course I miss my mom. Everything I learned about strength is from her. And she’s super woman at this moment. But next to that I’m still pretty much ok. Yes, I Would love to meet up with some friends, but internet, mail and what’s app make it so much easier. And let’s be honest, me and most friends are in the same boat, having small kids. So it’s lovely to meet up, but there is not that much room to have a real, meaningful, in-depth conversation when ‘they’ are around. And if you’re not in the same boat, if you want to or not, it’s even harder.

There are a few things on the miss list. Biking. A city centre, my local stores, running into Susi. And fall. I miss fall. Everytime I see a photo with red or yellow leaves, people wearing a sweater and rainboots, I feel it in my stomach. I always was a summer person. But getting older I prefer fall. So here I am, still wearing shorts and flipflops, reminiscing about fall.

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  1. Lori October 27, 2014

    Aww hon, I’ve been thinking about you a little while wondering how you were getting on over there, away from the place you call home. So happy to see you on a blog. X

    • Madelon October 27, 2014

      Lori! Thank you… And I’m ok. And taking it slow ;).

  2. e October 28, 2014


    I can relate your thoughts so well! I’m from Helsinki, currently living in the US, and it’s been a bigger culture shock I could ever imagine! People often make comments about how it must be nice that I knew English before I moved here, and they always underestimate the culture shock – it’s just moving from a modern western country to another, right? Well, no.
    I miss the city centre too! I miss being able to walk and bike everywhere, and not the be the sad weird character walking the empty sidewalks while the cars driving by honk and ask if I’m okay. I miss the scale of everything, the city being like a movie set and everything being so pretty and small. I miss that people speak their mind without tiptoeing around uncomfortable/awkward subjects. I miss the security and familiarity of things, even though I felt a bit bored at times while still at home. I miss the food and my favorite treats, and my friends and family obviously!
    As an aesthetic person I miss how pretty everything Scandinavian is, it’s totally different in here.

    How long will you be staying in the US? I could imagine it being easier when there’s a set timeframe, instead of it all being kind of “we’ll wait and see.” Good luck with everything! This country is awesome in many ways, just a huge adjustment.

    • Madelon October 28, 2014

      I totally relate to all you write! You expect it to be so much easier, but everything is different. And people always congratulate me, when they hear I moved to California. It is gorgeous here, the weather, don’t even start, it’s amazing. But It’s still different. I’m finding my way around. Where did you move to? X


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